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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Stocks to watch on Nov 26: AAPL, SSYS, BIDU, RIMM, NOK

I hope everyone has a great thanksgiving! I have recently opened an account on StockTwits and have found it very useful for every traders. It has a better interaction with the users. When your mouse moves on the $STOCK others have mentioned, it shows you the corresponding price charts in a small box. It is better than going fourth from Twitter to Yahoo! Finance to check out people's ideas.
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 Apple, Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) jumped on Tuesday after reaching extremely oversold level on RSI and Slow STO. After Friday's close, a bull flag is constructing on chart, however, with little volume. I have a short term target of $600 if it breaks from above. If it breaks from below, my previous $480 target still holds. I do not suggest taking a long or short position before a breakout.

Baidu, Inc (NASDAQ: BIDU) I am not a big fan of Chinese Internet stocks. But BIDU is a company with strong revenue growth, high proportion of cash and cash equivalent under balance sheet and a P/E ratio of 21.58x compared with Google 20.92x. Bidu has a higher profit margins and recent growth compared with Google. After the sell off, reaching oversold level in both RSI and Slow STO. I think the stock is due for some retracement, at least to $105, which was a strong support, testing its validity again, or else, polarity. Stop order around $91.00 or 5% from Black Friday's close.

 Nokia Corp (NYSE: NOK) and RIMM have very similar actions, with great volume. Maybe both long-suffering stocks are back! Be aware of the stock reaching extremely overbought level. Stop around 200 day moving average.

 Research in Motion Ltd (NASDAQ: RIMM) My comments on Nokia applies here. Plus OBV is ticking up quickly. Today's close is higher than $11.00 which used to be a resistance. I do not have a target on RIMM and NOK, but I do think they are reversing. Stop could be somewhere around 200day moving average.

Stratasys, Inc (NASDAQ: SSYS) has closed above previous high on Black Friday, at $70.78. MACD and CMF is positive. My short term target is $73.30 with a stop of $69.00

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