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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Stocks to Watch on Nov 15: IDCC, AAPL, FB

I am currently studying for CFA Level I Exam on Dec 1. Starting from tomorrow, I will pick only 2-3 stocks per blog entry. Shorter description may also be expected. 

Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ: FB) has rise 12/19%, closing at $22.28. MACD is making bullish crossover. Slow STO is ticking up after showing oversold signal. I look for more action, at least somewhere around 100day moving average.

InterDigital, Inc (NASDAQ: IDCC) told you on a upcoming pullback on Nov 09. I am expecting action downwards until reaching 50day MA. However, the uptrend of this stock still enacts. Mind for bearish MACD crossover.

Apple, Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) everyone knows Apple has a great fundamentals. However, there is no idea when the recent downtrend is going to end. 50day and 200day moving average is turning around, pointing downwards. The closing price is slightly away from Lower BB, but that's not enough. Bearish flag is forming on charts and if broken, my next target is $480.

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