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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Stocks to Watch for Nov 12: TIVO, EBAY, APP, JPM

 American Apparel Inc. (AMEX: APP) shows some strong strong around $1.03 area. Any drop below this area will trigger massive sell off, at least until $0.95 level, fulfilling the inverted head & shoulder pattern. However, the stock tends to reverse when CMF readings are in extreme level. So watch out for any bullish action, which also gives a double bottom signal under BB. (i.e. when second trough does not touch lower BB) Additionally, MACD Histogram is about to cross above. Definitely put it on your radars.

 eBay, Inc. (NASDAQ: EBAY) with a flat BB and low ADX reading. Any price greenish price action, making the closings away from lower BB can be bullish, signaling a possible double bottom play.

J.P. Morgan Cahse & Co (NSYE: JPM) shows some retracement today, closing at $40.62, confirming some support from 50day moving average. Slow STO at oversold level. I am looking the stock to continue its uptrend soon.

TiVo, Inc. (NASDAQ: TIVO). I bought some shares today. 50-200 moving averages golden crossed, with decent action today.

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  1. American apparel is one of a very small number of major apparel companies that still makes their stuff in the united states.